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The 5 Best PC Cases: Big and Small

Theoretically, you can choose a computer from a box of z-pіd tangerine or stand without a case on the table – so the stand will be named. And you can turn on the PC by turning the contacts on the motherboard. In addition, aesthetically pleasing, the case has other important functions: it protects computer components from mechanical failures, takes away static electricity, muffles fan noise and vibration of disks, forms the correct direction of reverse flows. Although not far away, the models of the hulls were firstly designed by those who have no understanding of aerodynamics. There are three main types of cases, which correspond to the sizes of motherboards, as well as a sprat of subtypes. The most compact Mini-ITX, which can be implemented in seemingly thin clients, cubes, or simply low weights. Medium-sized Micro-ATX – the world’s tallest Mini-Tower or larger cubes. І nareshti, ATX open-ended, stink є Midi-Tower or Super-Tower, another subtype for wide E-ATX motherboards.

Great Britain plans to transfer Mastiff and Jackal armored vehicles to Ukraine, we choose what they are used for (video)

As reported by the Reuters news agency to the British The Times, the British military command is developing a plan to send armored vehicles to Ukraine, based on the fact that "the next three days will be critical for the outcome of the war." Reuters will guess what kind of language can go about armored vehicles like Mastiff or Jackal, what to stand on the army of Majesty. The stench can victorious for patrolling the territory or reconnaissance. If so, as The Times writes, relying on their dzherel in the Ministry of Defense, armored vehicles will be spared the "sensitive" ) possessed.

5 Best CPU Coolers for LGA 1700 and AM4 Sockets

For the Tray-version, the packaging options for the Box and MPK processors (beautifully colored and gray cardboard box are suitable) are equipped with a simple cooler. It’s better to make Intel Core chips with K and KF indexes less, so that you can unlock the multiplier and be able to manually overclock. Cool them down with a dribbling bar of aluminium. Alternately, for smaller hot processors, the cooler "out of the box" is a tricky choice: cool and working on overheating (80 degrees Celsius). Fans of completely quiet in a reasonable room can trust an inexpensive single-cooler, and fans of extreme temperatures – a double-cooler. This term refers to models that are designed to produce over 200 W of heat.

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Television technology of the past era: photo report from the TV tower museum near the Olivets TV center

Okrіm zagalnostuplenyh zvichnyh must us muzeїv іnіt muzeї, roztashovanі in zakrytih territoriyakh, where it is not so easy to drink (if you want, as practice shows, it’s not so easy, it would be a bulo). Museum of TV tower, placement on the territory of the TV center, known to all kiyans as "Olivets", the very same. The editors of gg continue the series of reports from the museums of technology, as we see it with Xiaomi smartphones. Let me talk about the history of TV broadcasting in Ukraine, as well as the history of photo and video technology, based on the development of the most important mission in its own right – the television center.

Fresh shelter: 10 indі-іgor _from the soul, like a warto pass

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