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Mr. but. I did not find out how much the crankcase costs from the dealer. treat nerves more expensive. but something still told me that I would ride on it. and the answer came! for 15000 rub. one authoritative comrade in the scooter party of Moscow named Max (Byker, if you read – hello to you!), dragged a crankcase with a knee from Polyandia and my joy knew no bounds =) ordered a piston in Scuteria https://cars45.co.tz/listing/hyundai/sonata/2003 (12500 rubles) Malossi 179.9ss. It’s no secret that there is such a thing in the auto world as the "golden era of the automotive industry", which also applies to smaller two-wheeled brothers, but with regard to European scooters, it ended by 2002-2004 (depending on the manufacturer). since 2005 the quality has become "not that", the finishing materials are different. gushed China, Taiwan, etc. the transmission is so competent that it doesn’t smell of failures; on the front pulley, the groove where the belt falls is a limiter. the work of double rear marters is a fairy tale. service prices and the availability of consumables / spare parts are the other side of the coin. very whimsical to the quality of oil / antifreeze / candle heat number. AND THE ELEPHANT LIVED. the sound of a rotax is a song. the soul rejoiced, only the running of a low-sowing pot interfered with joy. surprised consumption – even with an increased volume of more than 3, 3.5 liters did not eat. The Mysterious Crunch naturally turned out to be a wedge. the dealer (Italmoto) put up a price tag for the knee of $1200. (this is 2008, i.e. now everything has risen in price by another 30 percent at least). It’s no secret that there is. I freaked out, but didn’t despair. something told me to move on. after dismantling the engine, I got acquainted with one terribly funny phenomenon in the auto-moto world – the fist of friendship, aka the fist of fate =) (when the connecting rod pierces the crankcase) and realized that the "owner" while operating the elephant, forgot about one small detail – ABOUT OIL (the crankcase was almost dry). and all this mess with a crumbling piston and a bare connecting rod is the result of a terrible overheating due to oil starvation (to which rotaxes are VERY sensitive). I got this elephant unexpectedly, it was love at first sight, and even the price was symbolic (compared to the store), because demanded a "small repair" =) as the former owner said: something crunched and he got up). after sitting, and frankly speaking, bald at the quality of attachments and "attachment" =) equipment, I decided to buy like a boy (without thinking about it for the first time that I hear about such a model and somehow it is against the background of owning all kinds of Hondas, Suza and Pit, Dailims and BEMami doesn’t scare at all.) But you need to be scared

Reviews about Aprilia Leonardo

Good afternoon! With this review, I will begin to share useful information about the CVT small-capacity equipment, which I had to ride. In terms of driving performance – this is an incomparable device! Runner (both in the old and in the new body), Avenis (with its antediluvian 2-valve head), Maxster (125) are resting. holds the road – like a glove, there is no more comfortable seat in the scooter industry (or simply did not come across). Further narration will be about a typical representative of the golden era of euroscooter construction, about a model that in this form (subjected to many restyling, lifting and racing for EURO 2-3-4-5) still stands on the assembly line and its ancestor is easily recognized in its silhouette 1995 onwards LEONARDO. 150cc, 1997, ROTAX engine, which arrived from the United Arab Emirates, more than once surprised not only me, but also familiar motorcyclists, kart drivers, and car enthusiasts (especially the price tags for spare parts =)) . 03/14/2010 Good afternoon! With this review, I will begin to share useful information about the CVT small-capacity equipment, which I had to ride. ROTAX eats AI98, low octane leads to whims. like an expensive car, he demands attention and reciprocates if he likes everything. =)

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