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The next day is actually ‘Red Saturday’ when planning romantic days celebration highs together with investing starts. Get ready with your run-down for the statistics that you need to understand in front of the wedding day

Our newest study has actually announced that more than a million eager Valentines tend to be set-to spend as much as £29 million this Saturday alone, with singles and lovers as well organising dates, booking restaurants and purchasing gifts because of their partners.

Between Red Saturday regarding 4th February and Valentine’s Day, Brits is splashing the bucks on:

  • Dinners, with £163 million allocated to as well as one more £60 million on products
  • £69 million on blooms
  • £77 million on jewelry
  • £42 million on chocolates
  • £52 million on notes

However, overall spending on Valentine’s Day this current year is placed are £713 million, a decline of 34per cent from 2016. Altogether the average UK homeowner will spend £22.57, with people in London, Scotland and North West spending many, while those who work in Wales will spend the very least.

This reduce in investing is actually despite the point that more individuals plan to celebrate Valentine’s in 2010. Despite the reality, if you’re perhaps not celebrating then you certainly’re not really alone. One out of seven singles are intending to invest an average of £13 on renewable tasks, including TV binges, added gym classes, and unhealthy food.

Although not everybody is keen on the yearly Valentine’s investing spree. 28% of Brits agree that valentine’s is a complete waste of money and 9% of the in a relationship acknowledge which they’d push it aside altogether if their unique lover would accept.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – 18per cent of these in a commitment nonetheless love the romance of valentine’s, even in the event it can get the cost on your lender balance!

Struggle on the Sexes

eHarmony features teamed with on the web present web granny dating site Prezzybox to enjoy some deeper into exactly how men and women spending practices differ, what generation splashes one particular money, and which purchases exactly what: 

Have a look at all of our infographic below to find out all:



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