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Acer Swift 3X SF314-510G-55EP. Intel Iris Xe G7 80EUs : Video processor built into select Intel processors from the Tiger Lake family. It uses the 12th generation Intel graphics architecture, aka Xe. Has 80 Unified Shader (EU) clusters. The clock speed depends on the specific CPU model. Manufactured in Intel’s second-generation 10nm facility. GPUs in this performance category will be able to handle many games if you don’t chase maximum resolution and picture quality. The relatively moderate power consumption of such GPUs will provide an increase in battery life. i5-1135G7 : Mid-range quad-core processor for laptops and tablets. Belongs to the Tiger Lake family (subclass UP3), manufactured at the 10-nanometer Intel production in the second generation, has an 80-block Iris Xe Graphics G7 video processor. >> More information: Big rating of processors.

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